Friday, January 30, 2009

Path of Devine: When The End Began

I've been considering creating an animated series about a Black Superhero of my own creation. One of my thoughts was that Hip Hop would likely play a major role in the story of a young Black Superhero even though the mainstream comics don't generally speak to it. Maybe it won't happen until one of us writes it. I am continually encouraged by those who have already made a positive effort. I ran across this video for Path of Devine quite by mistake but I was glad I did. I don't know if these guys are still in business but I respect their effort. If you know of any others that deserve notice, drop their info in the comments.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bronze Tiger

The Bronze Tiger first appeared in the comics back in 1975 in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1. Ben Turner started out as a middle class Black boy with an attitude problem. When he was ten he murdered a burglar that was attacking his parents with a kitchen knife. He ultimately learned to channel that anger using martial arts and of course crime. While still relatively young, Ben journeyed to the far East where he met the man that would train him further, O-Sensei. Under O-Sensei's tutelage, Ben Turner becomes one of the greatest martial artists in the world.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Former Captain Marvel

It just doesn't pay to be a flawless hero. If you don't have any flaws then the writers must visit misfortune upon you frequently to keep you interesting. I think that's what happened to Monica Rambeau, formerly Captain Marvel and formerly Photon. I think her code name is now Pulsar. We'll see if that sticks. This is one character that deserves so much more than she has received over the years.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barak Obama Superhero Endorsement

I love the fact that after years of creating fake U.S. Presidents for the comics, writers have come around to depicting the real one by face and name. Don't get me wrong, the concept is not that new. I've seen Bush cameos before and even some older ones but Barack Obama is showing up quite a bit more than his predecessors and he hasn't even taken office yet.
A couple of months ago I wrote a post that showed Savage Dragon supporting Obama's candidacy. You can seen him here with Spidey. Now I get that Spidey is the icon for Marvel. I have no problem with Barak calling him partner. It's all good but wouldn't it be great to see him endorse a Black Superhero like Black Panther, Black Lightning, or Static? I'm just saying. It's 2009, let's keep those milestones coming. How many Black Superheroes should Obama have in his cabinet? Can you see them playing Basketball at the White House?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Blue Blaze

I love fan films, especially when their good like this one. The League tells the story of a Superhero labor union in Chicago and what it took to make this particular one a reality. It's a noir film, small and well done. The story plays out like a good graphic novel and spans several years. There are only a few actors in it and only one of them is Black. The Blue Blaze, played by Reginald James has super powers derived from his ring, much like a Green Lantern. At first I thought his part would be tiny, but though he wasn't the lead character, his role was pivotal in the movie. The is one of the best short films I've seen all year. You can watch it here and you definitely should. It's 27 minutes long and presented in HD. The story behind how it got made is interesting too. If it were up to me, they'd already be working on a sequel. There is actually a chance of that as, according to this article, there are more stories to tell.