Friday, June 18, 2010

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Effective immediately, we will no longer update this blog. All of the content has been moved to our new location at This site will remain up and available for some time but all new entries will be posted at the new site. We thank you for your support and hope you will continue to support us at our new location.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

President Obama offers 'shout out' to THE 99

We all know that President Barak Obama is no stranger to comic books. He has even publicly identified himself with Superman. What I didn't know is that he knew about The 99. Here is a video in which he gives a shout out to the creator.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

There Really Is A Blaqualad!

In an earlier post I noted that the Aqualad for the upcoming Young Justice animated series was Black. The truth is I thought it was just some affirmative action like including Black Vulcan in the Super Friends. While it still may be, it seems that at least this Black Aqualad does or will have a comic book origin. He's scheduled to debut in DC's BRIGHTEST DAY #4 which will be before he debuts in the Young Justice Cartoon. The picture doesn't show him with blond hair like he seems to have in the animated series. I do like the colors. I guess time will tell. Find out more at DC's Source Blog.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Captain Enchilada Sauce

Out of Taco Bell's newest campaign comes Captain Enchilada Sauce, member of the Super Delicious Ingredient Force. Yes it's silly and makes no since but the character already has a fairly extensive Facebook page. I'm not sure what he can do but according to him, "I fight hunger and defend flavor. My Enchilada sauce smothers any that step and/or front."

Should I be insulted or just be happy someone invented another black superhero? He is first in the line-up and as tacky as his name sounds, you should see the others. Here's the first episode of the Super Delicious Ingredient Force for you amusement.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Black Jesus

I ran across a trailer for this comic on and thought it was interesting. You can view it here. You can also view it on Arcana's website. After checking it out I went over to the official site. It seems the comic book has already been published and now it's being turned into a movie. The site still needs some work but you can view the first issue of the comic book online there. I found a couple of blurbs about the project online here and here. The only thing I can be sure of about this character is that he walks on water...literally. Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

R.I.P. Gary Coleman

Regardless of all the hype and negativity surrounding the Gary Coleman in his later years, I liked him. I especially liked him as a child actor.  Later in his life he just seemed like a guy who was trying to find his place in the world. You can't blame him for that. He had multiple medical problems and just seemed to have a hard time of it.

Anyway, did you know he had an animated series? He even had super powers sort of. The series was titled The Gary Coleman Show and lasted for one season. In it he played an angel that came down to earth to help people. Check it out:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Power Man

We all know that Luke Cage used to go by the name Power Man. Now Marvel Comics is releasing a new teen-aged Superhero that will go by the same name. He will even be operating in a similar fashion by becoming a Hero for Hire over the Internet. You can read an article about it here. Check it out then come back here and tell us what you think.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Comix Panel at C2E2

Chicago Radio was kind enough to post a video from the Black Comix Panel that was held over at C2E2. Check it out and share your thoughts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back In The Day

Boy (4-5) wearing towel as cape, standing by poolRemember when you were really little and you tried to create your own Superhero costume. Sometimes just using a towel as a cape was enough to have you run around the house or yard pretending you could fly. Maybe you'd get more creative, add some accessories and role play with friends or family pretending to swoop in and save the day as only you could. It was all so innocent and fun then.

I remember just being excited that I even saw a Black Superhero in a comic book, let alone on TV or in a movie. I've grown a bit since then and as I have become more sophisticated and exacting, so have my requirements for how Black Superheroes are presented. Hip Hop music has changed too, I think for the worst. I believe comics have fared better. It's just that I miss the times when it was only about joy, wonder, and having fun.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meteor Man

Meteor Man began as comedic Black Superhero staring in a film of the same name created by Robert Townsend. His powers came from a Meteor which hits him in his chest, crushes his spine but miraculously heals him. His powers included flight, super strength, x-ray vision, a healing factor, and the ability to absorb knowledge and skills from books just by touching them. His mother makes his costume and everyone in the neighborhood seems to know his identity. He doesn't wear a mask. One of the comedic bits is that even though he can fly, he only does so close to the ground as he is afraid of heights.The film boasted a smörgåsbord of popular African-American actors including Bill Cosby, James Earl Jones, and Marla Gibbs to name a few. His nemesis was the leader of a local gang and the whole movie seemed to be trying to be about neighborhoods taking care of themselves. It wasn't a great film. It was cheesy, not very funny, and had a very low budget feel to it but I did appreciate it, and support it.

The same year, Meteor Man debuted in his own Marvel mini-series comic book where he met Spider-Man and Night Thrasher. That suprised me. I thought that just maybe he would be incorporated into the Marvel Universe proper. That, of course, didn't happen. I don't think the character was ever taken seriously but in 1993, Meteor Man was probably the Black Superhero of the Year. I've included the trailer below and if you'd like to to see the first few minutes of the actual movie, it's on Youtube. You can check that out here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Black Hulk Revisited

Last year I wrote a post about the possibility of a Black Hulk. It was all comedy because I kinda figured that no one would really publish the Hulk as an angry Black man. It seemed kind of redundant. I mean, if there's a Black Hulk then what happens to Luke Cage? Now it seems that Marvel Comics has decided their Ultimate Universe Comics. The issue in question, ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 2 #3, written by Mark Millar,  is not out yet but the cover is. I'd be interested in hearing what you think about an African-American Hulk. Doesn't he kind of look like a cross between Mr. T and Luke Cage in this picture?
It also looks like half the Ultimate Avengers are African-American now.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shades of Grey

A documentary is in the works called Shades of Grey: An Examination of Race Relations in Comics. The trailer is below. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Shades of Grey - An Examination of Race Relations in Comic Books from jaystealth on Vimeo.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dread & Alive

I've seen the character here and there around the web and waited to hear more. Just recently, the comic was released and a reader brought this character to my attention again so I'm passing it to you. Here's the rub: "Drew McIntosh was born in Kingston Jamaica and now resides in San Francisco. He is a cultural anthropologist who's life changed after venturing into the Cockpit country of Jamaica where the mythical Maroons lived. In a contest of strength and cunning he emerged victorious and was granted the Maroon medallion which gave him the powers of a full grown lion and the power to heal others. He is an Eco-Warrior." 

If you'd like to know more, Dread and Alive has an official website complete with Reggae music soundtrack. You can also find out more about the character here. The comic has a Facebook page too. Finally, ComicVine has a Dread and Alive preview which you can view here.

After taking a look at all that, I'd love to hear what you think about the Drew McIntosh character. I'm excited about the idea of a Jamaican super hero and will be keeping an eye on this one. Oh and thanks to Ryonslaught for the update. Keep them coming.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reminiscing About The JLU

The Justice League Unlimited animated series will always have a fond place in my heart. It's one of those animated series that brought many of my comic book heroes to TV, together in one place with great action and storylines. Remember that three part episode where a few of them traveled through time? John Stewart met his son and Static was a 60 year old member of the Justice League.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Angela Bassett plays Amanda Waller

I just heard that Angela Bassett has been cast as Amanda Waller in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. I think it's a great choice. She can definitely pull of the character and I'm excited to see her do it. I wonder if they make her put some weight on.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I ran across a video for the Super hero group Genesis on YouTube last year. It showcased the characters but provided no story. It seemed nice enough but lacking so of course I moved on. My opinion changed when I ran across the following video which, narrated by the author, gave me the story and I have to say that I enjoyed it. She said all the right things and you can tell it is a labor of love.

Everyone I talk to about there being a lack of Black Superheroes in comics says that if you want there to be more you have to make your own. That is what the author of Genesis, Teresa Dowell-Vest is doing. If you like what you're about to see, head over to this site to find out more. If you like, you can even support the project. They even have a Facebook page.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Malice In Wonderland

In case you didn't know, Snoop Dogg has a new movie coming out where he plays a Gangsta Superhero. It coincides with his album Malice In Wonderland and is called by the same name. Below are two videos. The first is what could be considered a trailer for the short film. The second is a bit behind the scenes where Snoop discusses the origin of the film. It's scheduled to debut on BET and Spike March 24th. You can find out more here. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I often receive many requests about African comics, most of which I cannot answer. When I do run across such a comic, however, I am quick to research and share it. One such comic is Aisha, a Nigerian comic. "Aisha is a street orphan turned ninja crime-fighter battling powerful but mysterious criminal forces on the streets of Lagos, the largest and busiest black city on earth." The comic is written and illustrated by Muyiwa Gbadegesin Sunkanmi Akinboye and published by Pandora Comics who also has a Facebook page. I'm sure this comic isn't available locally but you can purchase it at IndyPlanet who also provides a 6-page preview.
If you run across any other African comics, drop us a line. Thanks to ghettoManga for the link.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Afrodisiac, Dracula and the Venusian Invasian

I just got finished reading the hard cover edition of the Afrodisiac Graphic Novel by Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg, and I have to say I loved every bit of it. I recommend you cop it. They need to make an animated series about this cat and put it on Adult Swim.

Being a fan of all things Afrodisiac, imagine my surprise when I found a couple of entire comics online. If you're one of the unhip few who've never heard of him then here's your chance to do some research. You can check out Afrodisiac vs. Dracula here and you can check out Afrodisiac Vs. The Venusian Invasion Vs. Richard M. Nixon here. Both are a treat and if that doesn't whet your appetite for the Afrodisiac Hardcover, then nothing will. Enjoy!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luke Cage, Still An Avenger

I've gotta stop listening to rumors. A couple of weeks ago I commented on the fact that Luke Cage was going to be leading the Thunderbolts in the upcoming version of the series. While true, I considered this a demontion since he's been leading a group of Avengers for some time. Now I find out that he's still an Avenger. How he's supposed to do double duty; be an Avenger and lead the Thunderbolts, I have no idea. If it's true, and it seems to be, then that gives me a bi-monthly dose of one of my favorite Black Superheroes and I like that just fine.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Golden Blaze

The Golden Blaze is an animated movie about an African-American boy whose inventor father accidentally gains the powers of his comic book hero. The voices include that of Blair Underwood, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Sanaa Lathun. The Golden Blaze himself is a kind of mixture between Superman and Static, looking more like a cape wearing version of the latter. This is an animated movie for kids and based on the animation I'd say little kids. The artwork/animation is pretty terrible when compaired to what is available on television these days. The action and dialog are pretty good though. The whole movie is interesting and fun but the poor quality of the animation distracts from it considerably.

Let me repeat that this is a children's movie but maybe a family movie too. It's wholesome and light and safe for younger viewers. While it may have some interest for older viewers, they'd have to be able to look past the rudimentary animation. The main characters happen to be African-American but could have been any nationality. There may be super powers in this movie but a lot of it is just about a boy and his dad. Even though the animation bothered me, I actually enjoyed this movie. I guess I'm just spoiled by all the higher quality animation I've been consuming.

The DVD has no extras, not even a trailer, but it's inexpensive, easy to find and you can always get it on Netflix. Find out more about The Golden Blaze.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 99 Gets Animated

Last year I shared some information with you about the Islamic superheroes known as the 99. This year I have an update. Apparently it is well on it's way to become an animated series. The rather long clip below shows some of the 99 in action and even provides a history/origin for the 99 stones that grant the new users their power. Take a look and tell me what you think and don't forget to download your free copy of the 1st issue of the comic. Enjoy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Firestorm & Black Lightning in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

In the movie, Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths, Batman needs a hand and calls for backup. Included in the group was Aquaman, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Black Lightning, and much to my surprise, the African-American Firestorm. There was something to like about each of these backup Justice Leaguers. The art and animation was great here as were the fight scenes that nicely showcased their powers. Just another good reason to get the video.

Friday, February 19, 2010

At The 'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' LA Premiere

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' LA Premiere and I have to say I enjoyed it. The movie looked great, had a good story as well as plenty of compelling action, and quite a few easter eggs. There were some notable changes in the voice actors from what I have come to expect but it all worked out well. One of the fun things for me to do during the film was to try to figure out who everyone was as many of the characters on the alternate earth were very different from their hero counterparts. Wait till you see Uncle Marvel! The whole thing exceeded my expectations. I want to tell you all about why I liked it but I don't want to spoil it for you. Oh, while we got to see the actual movie, we did not get to see any of the DVD extras like the Showcase of the Spectre or First Look at upcoming DC Universe movies. I guess we'll all need to get the DVD for that.

Afterwards, there was some on-stage Q&A from some of the people involved in the making of the film. My view was quite good because we arrived at the last moment just as they opened up a row near the front. Despite the frequent raising of my hand, I never got picked to ask questions but luckily many of them got answered anyway. The panel was interesting and we got to hear a lot about their history in the business.

Gina Torres, who voiced Superwoman in the film, is quite beautiful in person and amazingly thin. Whoever her trainer is needs to get a raise. I have to confess I was watching her more than everyone else on the panel. Josh Keaton voiced the Flash. You might also remember him from voicing Spider-Man and too many other video game characters to name. I wish I had his job. One of the big surprises for me was that Vanessa Marshall, who did the voice of Wonder Woman in this film. Apparently she used to do the voice of the little Black kid, Irwin, on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It was a little freaky hearing that voice come out of her mouth. She was really nice and seemed to feel sorry for me when I was constantly overlooked for the Q&A.

After the Q&A I got to shake hands with Dwayne McDuffie and express my admiration for his work and was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he reads this blog. I even got to talk to him briefly about Ben 10. It was a good time. I don't live in Hollywood or even close by but it was well worth the nearly hour and a half drive through traffic.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amanda Waller on Smallville

In case you missed it, Pam Greer played Amanda Waller on the latest episode of Smallville. This one was entitled 'Absolute Justice' and featured appearances by members of the Justice Society of America. I think it was one of the best episodes of the season. I'm not totally happy with Pam Greer's portrayal of Amanda Waller but it looks as if she'll be back in future episodes to make improvements. Check out the clip.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Luke Cage: Like Thunder

Looks like Luke Cage is going to be leading the new Thunderbolts this year. It's all part of Marvel Comics' new Heroic Age. This seems like a bit of a demotion from him leading a group of Avengers and didn't Hawkeye try to lead a previous incarnation of the T-Bolts? Luke Cage really shined in the Avengers. I hope they will continue that tradition in this new mag. I wonder what happens to his wife and kid.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whatever happened to Chocolate Thunder?

Chocolate Thunder, (not Darryl Dawkins), is one of those comic book heroes that I never really got to know but wanted to. I ran into references to the comic many times a few years back but never actually got to have a copy of the book in my hands. The official website has no direct reference to this comic at all. In fact, at the time I am writing this, the entire site is down. One of the original writers of this book, Jeremy Love, is doing some amazing work with Bayou but no word of Chocolate Thunder.

What is or was Chocolate Thunder all about? Basically he was sort of a throwback Blacksploitation hero. Here's the blurb: "Believed dead by his former employers, government agent Kevin King returned home to find his old stomping grounds over-run by crime. Unable to stand idly by, he became a costumed vigilante, whom the local graffiti artists dubbed Chocolate Thunder."

Why am I so hyped up about the guy? Well I'm always looking into new and interesting Black Superheroes but my interest piqued when I saw the video. Apparently the guys who put this character together made a flash video a few years back to promote the comic and I loved it. It even inspired me to do some of my own flash work. It was only available on the Gettosake website but with that gone, who knows. I was luck to find it on YouTube. It's called Chocolate Thunder: On My Way.

Wikipedia doesn't even have an entry on this brother but he did make their List of Black Superheroes. The best listing I was able to find, other than the official page, is a reference to him here. I looked to buy the comic on Amazon (Chocolate Thunder on Amazon) but they are either out of print or there are no books in stock for the forseeable future. To be honest I don't know if Chocolate Thunder ever made it to print at all but he will not be forgotten.

Check out the video for yourself before it gets taken down.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Black + Aqualad = Blaqualad?

The Web abounds with rumors about an upcoming Young Justice animated series and I have to say I like what I see so far. The biggest part of the series of rumors to date is that of Aqualad being Black and played by a Black voice actor. I am currently unable to confirm any of this so take it all with a grain of salt but the picture of Aqualad with what may be the voice actor playing him is compelling. I've heard rumors of other members of the team but no Cyborg or any other Black characters for that matter so far. As I learn more I will keep you posted. You may already be familiar with the picture of Arrowette below who is also rumored to be in the upcoming series. She's not Black but her appearance does add credibility to the possibility that the series will exist. I'm excited about the possibility. Check here to find out a bit more.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Elvin "El" LIncoln - The Shrinking Misfit

In the 80's TV show Misfits of Science, Elvin Lincoln was a scientist that was born with an overactive pituitary gland. He was 6 ft tall when he entered the 7th grade and ultimately grew to 7'4". He went on to study his condition and found a way to temporarily reduce the size of animals using a serum he created. He later created an artificial gland that he put in the back of his own neck. When pressed, the gland secreted the serum into his body, allowing him to shrink down to the size of action figure, somewhere less than a foot tall. This transformation was temporary and lasted for about 15 minutes.

In the show, much was made of the character's awkwardness. He had social challenges and even though he was tall and Black, he was no good at basketball. He was a genius but not very confident in himself. This went along with the theme of the show which had a lot of comedy. Another challenge for El was that even though he could shrink, his clothes couldn't so he would have to bring along clothes from some kind of doll or action figure so he wouldn't be running around as a tiny naked guy. Later, when he would return to his normal size, he had to find his original clothes again. He would usually be called upon to shrink so he could help the team get into or out of places they could do otherwise.

Again this show came out in the 80's so it was great to see a Black character as a scientist back then, even if he was a bit of a bumbler. The character was depicted as kind and non-threatening even though he was a lot taller than everyone else. His power wasn't all that cool but I liked him anyway. The series lasted for only 16 episodes, the last of which was never aired. Still, I remember this show fondly and tried never to miss an episode. Here's the trailer:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Milestone Forever Cover Preview

Dwayne McDuffie has a new Facebook fan page and among the new content he has offerred up a sneak peek at the cover of Milestone Forever #1 which will be on sale February 3rd. He had this to say about it: "This book wraps up the continuity of the original Milestone Universe characters HARDWARE, STATIC, ICON and BLOOD SYNDICATE, reunites me with original Milestone artists Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon, MD Bright, and Chrisscross -and sets the stage for Milestone's future in the DC Universe. I originally wrote it 13 years ago!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Panther Animated Series already on YouTube

Our good friends in Australia must have seen fit to share the Black Panther animated series with us. It just premiered there this past weekend and it's already on YouTube. Better check it out before they take it down. Here are some of the names involved with the project:
Writer & Executive Producer: Reginald Hudlin
T'Challa: Djimon Hounsou
Storm: Jill Scott
Princess Shuri: Kerry Washington
Queen Mother: Alfre Woodard
Both of the first two episodes are already online and there are Marvel Superhero guest stars in each. Here's the synopsis:
Episode One: In a top-secret Washington meeting, Intelligence Agent Everett Ross briefs the government on the history of the Black Panther, the warrior king of the African nation, Wakanda. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, the Black Panther must compete to defend his throne in hand-to-hand combat. Featuring the voices of Djimon Hounsou, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard and Jill Scott.
Episode Two: Having been crowned the new Black Panther, T'Challa must contend with jealousy in the royal court while searching for the man who murdered his father. Unbeknownst to him, a deadly assassin named Klaw is assembling a team of super-villains to attack Wakanda.

What do I think of it? I love it of course. It's got some motion comic elements in it but they're done nicely enough. The story is great. The voices are great. What's not to like? Check it out for yourself:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Superheroes On Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

The newest clip from the upcoming animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths grovides a quick look at an evil Black Lightning and what looks like an evil version of Vixen. I hope they actually get speaking roles. Have a look.:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Panther Animated in Australia

As many of you know, the Black Panther animated series aired this weekend in Australia. I've been scouring the Internet looking for clips or possibly even a copy of the two episodes. It kills me that we have to wait for the show to air here in the U.S., and until when? Anyway, here's the official blurb: "Deep in the heart of Africa lies Wakanda, an advanced and unconquerable civilization. A family of warrior-kings possessing superior speed, strength and agility has governed this mysterious nation as long as time itself. The latest in this famed line is young King T'Challa, the great hero known worldwide as the Black Panther."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Super Hero Team-Up On The Super Hero Squad

I can't say I've been a fan of The Super Hero Squad Show as it's geared towards little kids and often really silly but when I heard the Heroes for Hire would be on an episode I figured I'd give it a try. As well as the usual good guys, this episode also stars Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and Iron Fist. Luke Cage is voiced nicely by Lil JJ. In fact, the character is quite likable. Too bad he's only a guest star. Misty Knight is voiced by Tamera Mowry. The team even teams up with the Falcon, a series regular voiced by Alimi Ballard, in this episode. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can see the first part of the episode right here. I'm interested in what you think of it so sound off in the comments.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Raje: A Superhero

Raje: A Superhero, The Bold Beginning of a New Era. You won't find this Black Superheroine in a comic book or animated series. That's because her depiction is a series of artworks by photography artist Renée Cox. In this case, the artist is the work as each depiction of Raje  is a photo of herself. Ms Cox is an accomplished artist and her work, which speaks for itself, has seen the inside of many galleries across the nation. Raje is only a portion of her artistic contributions and I celebrate both the work and the woman who brought it into being. You can view more images of Raje and more of the bold work of Renée Cox on her official website.