Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Special Agent Baldwin P. "Bulletproof" Vess is the main character in the animated series C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists), the elite police force of Empire City. (B.P. Vess = Bullet Proof Vest.) He is introduced into the series as a Fed with considerable expertise in criminology. Named Bulletproof because of his armor-plated torso that is resistant to bullets, he leads the organization with selfless dedication. The character carries the distinction of being the first African-American lead in an animated action series and toyline though I suppose that is debatable. He does appear in every episode.

Based on Hasbro's 1988 action figures of C.O.P.S 'N' Crooks, the show is set in the year 2020 and sports the tagline, "Fighting crime in a future time, protecting Empire City from Big Boss and his gang of crooks." Somehow with all the future tech of the show, phones still had cords. The series originally ran from September 1988 through November 1989. DC Comics even ran a C.O.P.S. comic book series from 1988 through 1989 that ran for 15 issues. Later, in 1993,  the show was repackaged for syndication as CyberCOPS so as not to be confused with the COPS reality show. The C.O.P.S. team was effective and very reminiscent of GI Joe. In fact, some of the fact sheets for the characters list some of the team members as GI Joe descendants. The series lasted two seasons (66 episodes). This was actually a good series, one well worth watching, that was partially eclipsed by the success of the He-Man animated series.

Bulletproof was always cool and a man of action as well, never afraid to get his hands dirty. Almost too cool for the show, he sported a trenchcoat, yellow shirt, thin black tie, and sunglasses. His stainless steel, cybernetic torso also allowed him to plug into and control local machines. In the series, he was a caring, effective and enigmatic leader and was well respected from day one. Since the entire series was based on a set of action figures, Bulletproof got a decent one. I remember watching this show but had no idea there were so many episodes. The entire series is available on video. Here's the intro and part of the first episode for your enjoyment:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Marvelous Color Exhibit

I just found out about this art event called Marvelous Color. It's taking place in NYC, actually Manhattan I think, from January 4th to February 26th but there's a special Holiday preview from Dec 21st through the 24th. For those of you that can make it, expect to see amazing artwork depicting Black Superheroes. This appears to be a Marvel event as well as the show will be focusing on artwork from major Black characters of the Marvel universe. There will be original artwork, some previously unpublished, from many well known comic artists.There will also be panels discussing the creation of certain characters as well as "meet the artist" events.
The show is presented and produced by Somos Arte, LLCThe presenting gallery, CCCADI (Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute), is a not for profit cultural organization based in New York City dedicated to promoting and promulgating the cultures of people of African Descent."
I'm stuck here on the left coast so for those of you that can make it, do so, take some pictures, and come back and tell us what we missed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Taste Of War Machine

The Iron Man 2 trailer has just a little bit of War Machine towards the end. Check it out.
Just in case you missed the leaked trailer from a few months back, you can see it here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remember That Kiss?

The Justice League animated series was probably one of the best animated series ever, especially when it became Justice League Unlimited. It was the first time some Black Superhero characters such as Vixen, Mr. Terrific, and John Stewart made it to the small screen. One of the most memorable scenes for me wan when Green Lantern and Hawkgirl kissed onscreen. It was the first time they unmasked Hawkgirl in the series. I was amazed. They actually let an interracial couple kiss on screen on a cartoon watched by millions. It was a suprisingly intimate scene and was one of those 'anything is possible now' moments for me. The two characters had been flirting for most of the season but to see something actually come of it was amazing. They even created a character that was their son in a possible future, Rex Stewart, Warhawk. Anyway, here are some scenes leading up to and including that fateful scene. Do you remember it?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ultimate Nick Fury on Iron Man Armored Adventures

More and more, the Ultimate Nick Fury seems to be the status quo outside the main Marvel Comics universe. I'm still a fan of the original Nick Fury but I like this version too. In episode 16 of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the teenage Iron Man must battle the Living Laser until Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. interfere. Believe it or not you can catch the entire episode below. Check it out while it lasts.
Watch Iron Man: Armored Adventures ~Episode 16 in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Monday, December 7, 2009

Brotherman Teaser

From the upcoming graphic Novel, Brotherman: Revelation, here's part of the description: "Revelation: The Graphic Novel, brings forth the complete and compelling story that bridges the past with the present, the trials with the triumph, and the dreams with the duties of Antonio Valor..." If you don't know about Brotherman then you need to educate yourself. Why not start by reading issues 3, 4, and 5 online for free. Here's the video with "only a tiny fraction of rough sketches." I agree with some of the YouTube comments. Why not just go ahead a bust a low budget film? I'd go for an animated version too. Find out more at the official website.
Thanks to Samax for the link.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Even More Amazing

Apparently DC's newest incarnation of the Amazing Man is even more amazing than his predecessors. The latest issue of Justice Society of America-80 page giant contains multiple stories about members of the Justice Society of America. One of them is about the newest Amazing Man, Markus Clay. He was one of the heroes who stayed in New Orleans after the levees broke and until he joined the JSA, that was his base of operations. His garb is either African or Muslim. It is not clear which. He does practice meditation.

The Amazing Man is able to transform his entire body into any substance he touches. He becomes a living, moving being with all the strengths and likely, the weaknesses of the substance he transforms into, much like Marvel Comics' villain, The Absorbing Man. I wrote a post some time ago about DC's earlier encarnations of the Amazing Man. They share a blood relation to this one. This new story introduces a new group of beings called the Olorun who claim he gets his powers from them. They have also made him aware that he has more powers than he has been using. Apparently he can now extend his powers outside of himself and even lend his abilities to others. The writer of this story is none other than Kevin Grevioux so I expect nothing less. Does that mean there will be an Amazing team in the future or was this a side story that will never amount to anything? Time will tell but either way it's good to see DC making an effort to further develop this character. His potential is ... well, amazing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hammerman was a Saturday Morning cartoon that chronicled the super hero adventure stories of Stanley Burrell (The real name of MC Hammer) who used his magic shoes to turn into Hammerman and fight bad guys. The show debuted on ABC in the fall of 1991 and ran for one season (12 episodes). This was at a time when MC Hammer was at the height of his career, the same year he released Too Legit to Quit.

What powers did Hammerman have? That was never made clear. He could rap, dance, and walk up walls but the powers came from the shoes and they would ultimately do some kind of unpredictable magic to save the day. All he had to do was dance in them.

This cartoon was terrible on many levels. The art and animation was bad. The whole thing seemed to be made from bad graffiti. The music wasn't any better, and the story was worse. It was kind of preachy too. I was a big fan of MC Hammer at the time and this was a big let down. I really tried to watch it but could only bring myself to check out a couple of episodes. The network was apparently quite aware of how bad this cartoon was but managed to let all the episodes run before axing the show. It was killed the same year it started. MC Hammer may have gotten an action figure but Hammerman never did.

How did Stanley Burrell become Hammerman? Check out the origin video for yourself.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stormbringers by Korby Marks

While attending my last Comic con I got to meet Korby Marks, writer and creator of Stormbringers. It's an Independent comic about Black Superheroes. Here's the Synopsis, "Stormbringers is the saga of ten young men and women who band together to become superheroes. Exhausted from battling the forces of evil, who have hunted and exploited them for economic, social and geo-political gain these former solitary individuals come together out of a sense of mutual self-preservation. But their union only draws those forces of evil nearer and sets off rash of violence that they must address or watch humanity be destroyed in the process."

At first glance, most of the male super powered characters seem to have powers that manifest as physical abilities while the women's abilities seem to manifest as some form of energy or thought manipulation but there is definitely some overlap and I many be oversimplifying. The official website for the comic is quite detailed and comes complete with lenghty character bios, image galleries, and of course previews for your enjoyment. Head on over to to find out more.

Friday, November 13, 2009


In the 70's there was a cartoon show called The Freedom Force that had five different heroes and unfortunately only five episodes. The members of that group were Isis, Hercules, Sinbad, Super Samurai, and Merlin. I remember the series well but I only just found out about the predecessor to that show, called Space Sentinels which actually lasted for a full season. In this series, there were only three heroes, each of a different race, Hercules (the well known White guy), Mercury (an Asian super speedster), and Astrea.

Astrea had the power to turn into nearly any living creature which, in this series, meant she could morph into any animal. Apparently she could fly too which makes her that much better than Jayna of the Wonder Twins. Apparently all three of the main characters could fly and had been granted eternal youth as well. I've had a chance to check out a few of the episodes and it seems that Astrea was the most level-headed of the group and with her ability to get into and out of tight places, she usually got to the bottom of things first. Mercury was a bit of a Joker and Hercules always seemed to encounter things that were stronger than him.

This series was noteworthy for its multicultural cast. It's also great to see a Black super heroine with a major role in an animated series, especially in the 70's. Regardless of how great she was, she didn't make the cut when the doomed series changed to become the even more doomed series, The Freedom Force. Still, Astrea is a part of history and apparently available on video. Both series are contained in one DVD set available here. How did this Black woman become Astrea? The brief origin of the trio is explained in the opening narration of the series.

Monday, November 9, 2009

DC Properly Presents Milestone

So DC has decided to finally get the Milestone universe up and running, supposedly inside the greater DCU. At least that's the premise of Milestone Forever. It's been a long time coming. I wonder though. Are they doing this because of the apparently frustration of Milestone and DC fans or did they plan this all along. Last month at the comic con I asked if there were any plans for these characters and was told no, point black. Now all of a sudden there's a project on the horizon. And what are the actual plans to integrate these characters into the greater DC Universe?
Let me not forget to accentuate the positive. This has the potential to be an amazing event, especially for all the Milestone fans. To finish the stories told all those years ago drawn by the original artists is a good idea worth supporting. Even if only for a moment, these amazing characters that I have loved for years will finally have their day in the sun. Beyond that, we will see how the future unfolds.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bayou by Jeremy Love

One of the great things about operating this blog is that I get introduced to comics I would not have otherwise found. Case in point. A few weeks ago someone sent me a link to a webcomic called Bayou. I started reading it and was instantly hooked. Before I knew it I was on page 77 and there are currently more than 230 pages. The artwork is great. The storytelling is too. Right away the young Black heroine had my heart. The story takes place at a time where Black people are slaves. Normally this kind of subject matter makes me too angry to properly enjoy it but the fantasy element helped me get through it. I'm not even halfway done and I'm already ready to recommend it. Apparently it comes from those guys over at Gettosake. I've been waiting for something new to come out of those guys for a while and this seems to be what they are most currently working on. The graphic novel for this project is well worth owning but there's no excuse for not checking it out for yourself because it's online and it's free. Last but not least, thanks to Hassan for sending me the link. Keep them coming and let me know when you get your own project up and running.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chick Premier

The first webisode of Chick is finally up. If you missed the trailer, whick is actually longer than the first webisode, you can see it here. I can't tell if there are any actual superpowers in it yet or if this is a costume wearing version of The PuNanny Dairies. Time will tell. Either way the series looks good so far and I think it has potential. Check out the first episode below then head on over to to find out more.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows features Luke Cage

Luke Cage and Spidey swap origin stories and fashion sense in the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows video game. It looks they're just trying to out-flex each other. It's obvious one doesn't buy these games for the dialog. I know it's last year's game but I never played it. Have any of you?

Friday, October 23, 2009


I got an email from Brian Maruca about his upcoming Graphic Novel called Afrodisiac. From what I can tell it's the story of a Blacksploitation Afro wearing superhero who's only real power is his awesome coolness and of course his way with the ladies. Here's the blurb: 'Inspired by the blaxploitation films of the 1970s and classic superhero comics, the Afrodisiac collects art and comics starring the original super badass and featuring cool cars, sexy women, scary monsters, self-righteous superheroes, corrupt cops, aliens, Dracula, Richard Nixon.' Now check out the teaser trailer:

Great stuff right? I wonder where they got the music from. You can check out some more work from the artist, Jim Rugg, including some art from the book in this Flickr feed and this one. You might also be aware of some of their previous work called Street Angel (Paperback) which got great reviews. You can find out more about Street Angel here. Anyway, the Afrodisiac Graphic Novel won't be available until December but while you're waiting you can check out the preview and don't forget to get your Afrodisiac Holloween mask just in time for the holidays. Soul Power Baby!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Black Hulk?

You know about the green Hulk, the gray Hulk, and even the new red ones. Is the world ready for a Black Hulk?

You'd think this Hulk would have more of an afro, and maybe a mustache. Thanks to PopCultureShock for the link and if you thought that was funny, check out this video:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Moleculad was a member of group called Teen Force. The Teen Force animated series was part of a larger group of animated heroes called Space Stars. Space Stars consisted of an updated Space Ghost, an updated Herculoids, and new series Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts (the same dog character from the Jetsons). In this series, they all existed in the same cartoon universe. One of the things that made this series great for me was that while each had their own episodes, they would sometimes cross over and guest star in each others' series like they were old friends. Space Stars debuted in the early 80's.

Teen Force had three main members. They rode their space motorcycles out of Black Hole X to chase down and subdue the evil Uglor. Kid Comet, the apparent leader, could move a faster than the speed of light and even crash the time barrier but he had to turn into some kind of fiery comet to do so. Elektra had the trifecta of mental powers, telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. (Aren't these the stereotypical female superpowers these days?) Moleculad was sort of an energy plastic man. He would convert himself into energy and go through objects, squeeze through tight openings or tie up the bad guys with himself. The character and his powers had potential but he was used poorly and was little more than an electro-rope most of the time but he looked sparkily good doing it.

The series doesn't seem to be available on video but you can probably catch it on Boomerang. You can also view the intro here:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Lightning in Superman Batman: Public Enemies

Finally saw Superman Batman: Public Enemies. Just in case you haven't, Black Lightning does indeed create force fields and is able to fly in the movie. Too bad he can't fly in the comics. He also has only one line in the whole movie, a waste of Levar Burton's voice talents. His mask is hideous too. The only character I feel more sorry for in this movie, which I liked by the way, was Power Girl. While she had a lot more lines and screen time, she was like a weak whiny baby throughout. At least Black Lightning got an action figure out of the deal.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joseph Gauthier

The 1st day of the Long Beach Comic Con was great. While there I ran into Joseph Gauthier, the CEO of 10 Worlds Studio. He's the writer and creator of a comic called Lazarus: Immortal Coils. Check the preview. "LAZARUS: Immortal Coils #1, the first in a four-part miniseries starring the Biblical figure as an immortal warrior in a city built by demons where humans are used as hosts for an invasion." You can find out more here and on the official web site. Joseph was the first of many Black comic creators I had the pleasure of meeting at the con. Lazarus: Immortal Coils is the premier comic for this company and I encourage you to take a look.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Adventures At The Long Beach Comic Con

Now that the last day is over I can honestly say I really did enjoy myself at the first annual Long Beach Comic Con, more than I thought I would. I got to see Stan Lee cut the ribbon. I met some positive and enthusiastic Black comic creators. I got introduced to a lot of new books to read. I got to see a movie screening. I got lots of useful and entertaining info at the seminars and I got plenty of schwag.

Things I didn't like:
  • The DC panel. (They revealed next to nothing and confirmed that there will be no use of Milestone characters beyond Static in the near future. They were pretty unapologetic about it too.
  • Celebrities charging for their photos. (I know this isn't a new thing but I still don't like it.) I think that if you're a celebrity you should at least let your fans take your picture when you're at an event like this.
Things I really liked:
  • The Black comic creators I got to meet and talk to. (Good conversation and definitely a community I'd like to be a part of.)
  • The Man of Action panel (The creators of Ben 10). They were dynamic, good with the little kids, and enthusiastically answered every question put to them.
  • The various writing panels and the online comic strip panel.
  • Regardless of the crowds I got to see everything I wanted to see.
  • Thomas Jane. He was really cool, laid back, and approachable, and posed for photos with fans for free.
  • Did I mention the schwag?
Things to remember for the next con:
  • Bring a backpack for all the schwag (Schwag Bag)
  • Bring a notepad or recording device to take notes at the seminars
Anyway I'm already looking forward to the next one. I'll talk about the creators I met in future posts and will also provide a link to all the photos I took as soon as I've uploaded them all.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Ready For The Con

I'm really excited. This weekend I'll be attending the 1st Annual Long Beach Comic Con. I haven't been to one since Wizard World 2005 and I've got a ticket for the entire 3-day event. I'll be there meeting creators, artists, etc, gathering more content for the blog and just doing the whole fanboy thing. If you see me there don't forget to introduce yourself. Peace!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Black, Jack Johnson

That post about Muhammad Ali last week make me nostalgic. This time out I want to talk about his predecessor. For those of you unfamiliar with your Black History, Jack Johnson was the world's first Black heavyweight boxing champion. He was the first in a great many things and I could easily write a series of post just about him as I am so inspired by his story.

Jack Johnson's greatness did not go unnoticed. He was a Black celebrity athlete during a time when much of the United States was ruled by racism. Stories of his life are immortalized in the play and movie The Great White Hope and the documentary Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. Songs reference him in Folk music, Blues, Jazz, and Hip Hop. Artists such as Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, and even Mos Def created music inspired by the great boxer.

There's even an online comic book biography available online called "The Original Johnson" that you can view for free. It's more than worth a look. This is the guy that paved the way for Black Superheroes like Muhammad Ali.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just A Touch of Blackness In Upcoming Movie

A couple of pics of Black Lightning from the upcoming direct to video animated movie Superman Batman Public Enemies. I'm not too fond of the mask. The character will be voiced by Levar Burton. Oh and I don't want to forget to mention Amanda Waller who will be voiced by CCH Pounder. Neither one of them made the trailer but you can catch a glimpse of them in the First Look video if you look real close:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time

During Michael Jackson's funeral someone told me that Michael was the most loved Black man on the planet. I'm not trying to hate on Michael but I thought, "What about Muhammad Ali?" It's no secret that Muhammad Ali was a hero to many, myself included. He was positive, powerful, and larger than life. Comic books, TV shows, and movies show us plenty of super characters that have no super powers. Why not Muhammad Ali?

Monday, September 7, 2009

The 99

Having some Islam in my upbringing, I try to stay aware of how the religion and it's believers are seen around the world. I also have friends that practice the faith though I, myself, do not. Since Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, it stands to reason there would be comic books that speak to those believers. When I heard about The 99 I was interested and decided to check it out. The comic book book has apparently been out for a couple of years now and is currently outselling Superman and Spider-man in the Persian Gulf. READ MORE...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blokhedz Episode 3

Yo, Blokhedz Episode3 is finally out and I only have two complaints: How short it is and how long I had to wait for it. As I struggle to figure out how Blak's powers work, it seems that he isn't the only one with them. Oh and there's a bit of spoken word in this episode too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Use of a racial insult in
Comic Books

This is fair warning. As a famous oversized rapper once said, “it’s about to get ugly.”

It’s 2009 and the controversy lives on – the proper or improper use of a certain word. Who will be “allowed” to use the N-word and who won’t? The simplistic argument usually goes like this –“Why is it okay for Black rappers and comedians to use the N-Word and not okay for White people to say it?” “C’mon, it’s just a word. What difference does it make?”

But let’s be real. Everyone, even the densest of commentators suspects why the word is not for use in polite conversation. It has a complex history and despite all attempts to change it from an incredible ugly insult to a common everyday descriptive has failed. The word is a nexus for a number of sensitive issues – censorship, American history, power, and much more. It embodies issues that many Americans don’t ever want to think about, let alone talk over or deal with.

Well, if we can’t use it in conversation, how about the appearance of the N-word in comic books? Surely there couldn’t be a problem with the use of racial pejoratives in this fun filled, happy medium? Well, not exactly.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Maggot (real name Japheth) was one of the X-Men I never got. He's South African and his mutant power is the fact that his digestive system leaves his body in the form of a couple of slugs (hence the name), to consume food. These slugs can apparently eat anything and after feeding they return to his body and provide him with nourishment and some added strength and agility. He actually has to do this to survive because it's the only way he can digest food. Oh yeah, when his strength and agility is enhanced he turns blue.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Planet Asia Is A Black Superhero

It's a Marvel vs. Capcom joint. "I'm the Black Spider-Man..."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Young Iron Man Gets A Black Superhero

The currently running 3-D animated Iron Man series called Iron Man: Armored Adventures has been a mixed bag for me. On one hand it's so far out of continuity that it gives me a headache not to mention that Tony Stark is a high school kid. On the other hand the series looks good and the re-imagination of the traditional characters is interesting.
Anyway next season we finally get a Black Superhero in the mix and it's not War Machine (though I think it ought to be). It's the Black Panther. Here's a taste:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Talented Tenth Returns

I've believe it's important to support writers, artists, etc. that create content I like. Being the writer for the Black Superhero Blog enables me to support Independent creators. I've decided to highlight some of these individuals each month, especially those that make it a point to share their work with me. One such creator is Chris over at He's written a novel that features Black Superheroes. I found the concept interesting and he was kind enough to share a copy with me. The book is entitled: HEROES LIKE ME: THE TALENTED TENTH RETURNS. Here's the synopsis:

"JOIN the Fiery Furnace, Shining Star, The Buffalo Soldier, Black Dove, The Human Pearl, The Maestro and the legendary John Henry-The Steel Driven Man as they uncover a global and evil plot which began during the 1800s and stretches to the PRESENT and the FUTURE. Are they good enough to be Heroes? Can they become The Talented Tenth that will save the world before the Salesman of Doom’s evil plans become reality?"

He's also put together a video to promote the novel. How good is it? Watch the video then head on over to Download the first chapter for free and find out for yourself. Enjoy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What's So Terrific About Mr Terrific?

Mr Terrific, Michael Holt, is not the first hero in the DC Comics universe to bear that name. The original Mr Terrific had a photographic memory, was an Olympic athlete, and a martial arts master. That Mr Terrific became a hero because he seemed to have conquered everything else. Michael Holt, the latest Mr Terrific was also an Olympic athlete and is the third smartest man alive. He chose to take on the name of this particular hero after hearing his story while he was dealing with a personal tragedy.