Monday, October 6, 2008

The Real Static

There is probably no teenage Black superhero with more universal appeal than Static. He's got brains, versatile abilities, a big heart, and a major sense of duty. It's no wonder he was the only superhero from Milestone comics that made it to TV albeit in a different form. Unlike in the Static Shock animated TV series, the original Static had short hair, wore a Malcolm X hat as part of his uniform and it was his Mother he was left with; not his father. Static's abilities were electromagnetic in nature enabling him to mentally manipulate multiple forms of electricity and magnetism. He flew by levitating a manhole cover while standing on it. Static flying
While Static is an original character you could see traits in him that showed up in great heroes of the past. He had an intellect, wit, and sense of duty like Spider-Man. He was able to see the good in people and the overwhelmingly positive effect of his parents was not unlike that of Superman. Like Black Panther, he was a positive role model and exhibited much of the greatness that Black people can and do achieve in their real non-super lives. Look for him in the pages of DC Comics' Teen Titans as this character joins the mainstream comic universe and hopefully, once again, in his own comic.

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