Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Black Panther Plus BET

Finally the Black Panther comes to the screen brought to you by Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan. I've always felt that this was the only Black superhero that rightfully had the prefix "Black" in the name. He seemed, and still does, to be perhaps the most positive representation of Black people in comics. That's why I'm more than a bit amazed that this is coming out of BET. I haven't had a reason to watch that network in years due to lack of positive programming. The first look at the animation is great and disappointing at the same time. It's a step up from Flash animation but not to the level of the Batman animated series. Regardless, it still looks great and I am very excited that this is finally happening. Maybe it will pave the way for a live action movie, hopefully with someone other than Wesley Snipes. Take a look at the the attached videos. The first is a sample of the show. The second is an introduction to the show by its creaters and the last is an interview with the people who are bringing it to the small screen. Enjoy!

Who Is The Black Panther?

How Did the Black Panther Come to TV?

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