Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm a fan of Will Smith and a fan of Black Superheroes so when Hancock came out I got in line to see it. I worked to subdue my negative expectations and for the most part succeeded. I didn't hate the movie. I didn't love it either. I was just that there was something missing. As far as I'm concerned, it could have been a made for TV movie.

What would I have changed? During the second half of the movie, if you still haven't seen it then don't read any further, they talked about him having been around since the Egyptian days. Now that, I would have loved to see more of. A Black Superhero that had been around forever, leading people into their greatness generation after generation would have been awesome. It would have really spoke to the character's plight and how far he had fallen. That story within itself only showed up as an inadequate, conversational, explanation to Hancock's origins. I've only briefly perused the original source material, Tonight, He Comes, but I know the movie could have been better...much better. I'm still a Will Smith fan though. I know the movie wasn't written for a Black Man but if it wasn't for Will, there would be one less Black Superhero for children of color to look at.

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