Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diddy's Deed

I actually like P. Diddy, not his music as much as his persona. He dreams big, he works hard, and is actually inspiring. If you look at his story you'll see the process of his rise to fame and riches is repeatable for those that have it in them. That being said, Diddy made an ignorant remark the other day that showed up on YouTube. By ignorant I mean uninformed because I truly don't think he really knew. Anyway he made a series of statements about the absence of Black Superheroes in his childhood and that thanks to Will Smith and the movie Hancock, we finally have a Black Superhero. You already know my feelings about that movie from my earlier post. The truth is, in his video, Diddy seemed to have trouble remembering White ones too. There were quite a few Black Superheroes that rose to prominence during his childhood. He just wasn't aware of them. Watch it and read below:

I didn't very much care for his comment and considered not even mentioning it in these pages but as I looked around I found that a great many people put a lot of effort into making answer videos to his. Believe it or not P. Diddy actually sparked a new level of awareness of Black Superheroes. There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of videos an comments about his post. True, many of the videos are negative but quite a few are informative and nicely done and a large portion of them weren't created by Black people either. So I have this to say:
Thanks Diddy, your words inspired an awareness of Black Superheroes that this blogger dreams of one day achieving. I may not agree with all of what you said but I am glad you said it.

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Life Coach ReNina said...

When did Diddy become so passionate about Super Heroes and Hancock. Wow!I agree that it is important for kids to have those images especially our black boys.