Monday, December 1, 2008

Luke Cage These Days

Gone is the upside down tiara, chain belt, yellow shirt and the name "Power Man." Today's Luke Cage shows little to hint about his "Black Power" days of the 70's save the attitude. Lately he's more reminiscent of his youthful neighborhood days complete with ongoing profanity and intimidating white people. He's married now to a former superhero and they have a daughter. All of this does little to take the rough edges off Luke's personality and customer service skills. He's still the same lovable bastard.

The fact that he's married a white woman seemed to be very much against his character and I rebelled against it for some time but now I have come to accept it. I even kind of like them together. They compliment each other well.

He's still the consummate street hero. Today's Luke Cage sports no signature costume, no mask, and no code name. He shows up, kicks ass, and moves on. There have been rumors about an upcoming movie with Tyrese Gibson playing the lead for years. If it's ever going to happen, it's definitely on the back burner though it is currently scheduled for 2009.

Luke is currently a member of the Avengers, Marvel Comics' premiere super team. This is definitely a character worth watching. In fact, here are a few pages of the current Avengers comic starring Luke and his family. The dialog is great. What's next for Luke? Check out this interview with the current writer of the New Avengers. Enjoy!

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Becca the Promo Mami said...

i'm so glad i found this blog. i've been profiling Black Female Superheroes for the past few months now....

There are way more than I knew about, but still we're criminally underrepresented.