Sunday, May 24, 2009

You And Me Comics

While this blog focuses on Black Superheroes, I am a fan of Superheroes in general whether it be comics, movies, or video games. The other day I ran across a comic book company that focuses on Multicultural Superheroes. New Vision Comics launched in 1991 publishing comic strips in the Afro-American Newspaper. In 2000 the company changed to its current name, You And Me Comics. This company focuses on positive multicultural Superhero images and seeks to promote them not only in comics but also in television and film.

On their site you can find out more information about their interesting stable of characters. Among them are Sunstone who is a cosmic warrior that comes to earth to seek help from the legendary superior beings known as humans..and faces the truth on arrival and Admiral Africa who was the cause of Rommel's turn and run and and the retreat of the Nazi invasion out of Africa. His untold story is finally brought to the forefront.There are others such as Statehood, Captain Columbia, Warrior One, the Lucky Pumpkin, and more. Want to know more? Check out
and tell them the Black Superhero Blog sent you.

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