Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Lightning in Superman Batman: Public Enemies

Finally saw Superman Batman: Public Enemies. Just in case you haven't, Black Lightning does indeed create force fields and is able to fly in the movie. Too bad he can't fly in the comics. He also has only one line in the whole movie, a waste of Levar Burton's voice talents. His mask is hideous too. The only character I feel more sorry for in this movie, which I liked by the way, was Power Girl. While she had a lot more lines and screen time, she was like a weak whiny baby throughout. At least Black Lightning got an action figure out of the deal.


BLESSD1 said...

Meh...I didn't think the mask was THAT bad, but yeah...a TOTAL WASTE of Levar Burton's talent. Still, I'm just glad they didn't replace him in the story with someone elese. P.S. I WILL be getting that figure!

Norris said...

He flew and created a force field in the movie because they combined him with Green Lantern from the original comic story.

Urban Mac User said...

meh. I still like the History of the DC Universe figure better:
Black Lightning