Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Black Justice League?

Fresh from Dwayne McDuffie's website: It appears that the new Justice League of America just might be sporting an unprecedented amount of Blackness. I can make out Icon, Vixen, Firestorm, Green Lantern, and Hardware. What, no Black Lightning? Come to think of it, this version of Dr. Light isn't White either. Could it be? Is the world ready for a Justice League devoid of Causasian characters or is this just some marketing ploy? Dare I hope? What do you think? I think, with Dwayne McDuffie handling the writing, all things are possible. We shall see.


samax said...

(my money's on "marketing ploy")

Anonymous said...

Dr. Light was never white she is from japan. The Villain Dr. Light is white though. It would be too much to exclude white people from the justice league but i think it is nice to add some diversity in the groups. How many Minority kids have good role models to look up to in comics? Not many, So it is nice to see this change coming about. Not that it should make a difference because a Hero is a Hero regardless of skin colors

wallruss said...

I never meant to imply that the female Dr. Light was ever White. I only meant to point out that while she wasn't Black like the other people in the sketch, she wasn't White either. I agree that a Hero is a Hero regardless of skin color but this is the Black Superhero Blog and so when there is an issue regarding Black Superheroes, this is the place to point it out.