Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not That Crazy

We live in a world where Superheroes exist only in comic books, TV, and movies. For some reason, not one human being on this planet can successfully walk around in spandex and fight crime. Anyone who tries is considered to be crazy, which is likely true. It doesn’t pay well. You keep fanatical hours. No one really understands you. You’re always in danger. At least you get to hit people … a lot. What kind of person would it take to do it? I mean powers or no, you’d have to give up a lot of what normal people enjoy in life and to be good at it you’d have to be really focused.

Serial killers are focused, especially the successful ones, but they don’t seem to be able to function well in real life. Something about killing is up there with their reason for living. Statistically they aren’t able to maintain normal healthy relationships. Many don’t even have sex. It’s the raping and the killing that get them off. We all know they’re sick people. I can’t be an easy job either. There’s probably a lot of planning put into it. They have to stalk their prey. Their unspeakable acts need to take place outside of the view of prying eyes. They need to collect and keep their trophies hidden. Most of all they have to ensure they never get caught. The smallest clue left behind can lead to their being found out. Doesn’t that sound a little like Batman?

If you compare the amount of crazy necessary to be a successful serial killer to the amount of crazy necessary to be a super hero, who would have the most crazy? It would take a special person to do either job. There are statistics to consider here too. The average serial killer is a white male of a certain age. So is the average Superhero. That could explain why there are so few Superheroes of color. Maybe we just have a different kind of crazy.

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samax said...

white people become serial killers because they have no logical reason to be violent, so when there is a strong urge, they go with an illogical reason...

there are certainly dedicated black killing machines, but they were statistically more likely to be poor. they are more likely to become criminals or have their lives at risk. when they kill, the motives seem easier to understand, but it doesn't mean they're any less bonkers.

i think the more that if the black middle class begins to grow, we will see more black serial killers. the serial killer is actually an indicator of prosperity... as you take away the legit reasons to murder, they just decide on some other reason!