Monday, April 13, 2009

Blokhedz Episode 1

So I just finished watching the first animated episode of Blokhedz over at Mission G and jerky streaming speed aside I have to say I liked it. On first look, it plays like a combination of Static Shock and the Boondocks but I may only be saying that because of the lack of African-American animated series out there. The animation flows nicely, action sequences and all and if I had any complaint at all I'd say it was too long in coming. It's been years since I first saw the first Blokhedz animation and there've been quite a few setbacks. I think it was worth the wait but I'll let you decide for yourself. Some voices might be familiar to you. According to the Facebook page the episode stars "Talib Kweli as Blak, Bobbito Garcia as Eatho, and Affion Crockett as Flash, also featuring Mayda Del Valle" Here's a taste of the first episode below. Go watch the whole thing then come back and let me know what you think.


Edward Uzzle said...

htp (peace)

Great great blog. I thought I was up on everything - Black comic book, and science fiction related.

I'm adding this blog to BOTH of my sites!

wallruss said...

Thanks Edward. Your sites are interesting as well. Let me know if you run across anything you think I should include.


KoolerSama said...

they should get some animation companies behind them and turn this into a full movie like what was done for Afro Samurai.i'm lovin the opening sequence and overall style.