Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Black Hulk?

You know about the green Hulk, the gray Hulk, and even the new red ones. Is the world ready for a Black Hulk?

You'd think this Hulk would have more of an afro, and maybe a mustache. Thanks to PopCultureShock for the link and if you thought that was funny, check out this video:


ch555x said...


That would be interesting to see...

samax said...

"that broths's turning into some kinda green-skinned monster! and it's SUPER FREAKY!"


BLESSD1 said...

That pic is hilarious; it draws laughs EVERY time I show it to someone, and I LOVE the Black Hulk vid. FUN-NY!

Andrew said...

"I'm Rick James the Hulk, bitch!"

You know, thinking about the Hulk made me think about Bruce Banner, of course, and then I started to think about Marvel's "super geniuses"--Banner, Hank Pym, Peter Parker, Hank McCoy, Reed Richards and Tony Stark. Not an African American among them.

I may be Asian, but I know disparity when I see it, and quite frankly, it angers me that none of Marvel's "super intelligent" characters includes an African American male.