Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chick Premier

The first webisode of Chick is finally up. If you missed the trailer, whick is actually longer than the first webisode, you can see it here. I can't tell if there are any actual superpowers in it yet or if this is a costume wearing version of The PuNanny Dairies. Time will tell. Either way the series looks good so far and I think it has potential. Check out the first episode below then head on over to WhoIsChick.com to find out more.


cartoonjoe said...

Why do I get the impression that this whole thing's going to be a downer?

wallruss said...

That's a pretty negative attitude Joe. Give it a couple of episodes and we'll see.

Kai said...

LOL @ cartoonjoe. Well I guess ending a webisode with the main character jumping off a building could be seen as a downer.
@wallruss thanks for give us a chance and the support.

One note(you can delete this from my comment if you like): You said the trailer was longer than the first webisode but in fact the first webisode is twice as long as the trailer. :o)

wallruss said...

I stand corrected. Consider this my official retraction.