Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stormbringers by Korby Marks

While attending my last Comic con I got to meet Korby Marks, writer and creator of Stormbringers. It's an Independent comic about Black Superheroes. Here's the Synopsis, "Stormbringers is the saga of ten young men and women who band together to become superheroes. Exhausted from battling the forces of evil, who have hunted and exploited them for economic, social and geo-political gain these former solitary individuals come together out of a sense of mutual self-preservation. But their union only draws those forces of evil nearer and sets off rash of violence that they must address or watch humanity be destroyed in the process."

At first glance, most of the male super powered characters seem to have powers that manifest as physical abilities while the women's abilities seem to manifest as some form of energy or thought manipulation but there is definitely some overlap and I many be oversimplifying. The official website for the comic is quite detailed and comes complete with lenghty character bios, image galleries, and of course previews for your enjoyment. Head on over to to find out more.


Emelyn said...

Men are warriors in control of their own bodies, while women get 'womb power'? This comic may have some nuances and strengths, but it looks like it's got some seriously offputting issues to go along with that.

wallruss said...

Don't hold me to that power distribution thing. I could be wrong. Besides, all the character's powers and abilities are on the official site. Maybe some investigation is in order.

Frank Lee Delano said...

Sorry to go way off topic here, but I didn't any response to the contact button, so I decided to try to pitch something in these comments. I'm running a DC Comics-related blog crossover this December, and I'm looking for people willing to represent the African/Americans Black Lightning, Doctor Mist, Mr. Miracle, and the Unknown Soldier, as well as Asian hero Rising Sun. Interested parties, please contact me at frankly_delano at yahoo dot com. Thank you