Friday, December 4, 2009

Even More Amazing

Apparently DC's newest incarnation of the Amazing Man is even more amazing than his predecessors. The latest issue of Justice Society of America-80 page giant contains multiple stories about members of the Justice Society of America. One of them is about the newest Amazing Man, Markus Clay. He was one of the heroes who stayed in New Orleans after the levees broke and until he joined the JSA, that was his base of operations. His garb is either African or Muslim. It is not clear which. He does practice meditation.

The Amazing Man is able to transform his entire body into any substance he touches. He becomes a living, moving being with all the strengths and likely, the weaknesses of the substance he transforms into, much like Marvel Comics' villain, The Absorbing Man. I wrote a post some time ago about DC's earlier encarnations of the Amazing Man. They share a blood relation to this one. This new story introduces a new group of beings called the Olorun who claim he gets his powers from them. They have also made him aware that he has more powers than he has been using. Apparently he can now extend his powers outside of himself and even lend his abilities to others. The writer of this story is none other than Kevin Grevioux so I expect nothing less. Does that mean there will be an Amazing team in the future or was this a side story that will never amount to anything? Time will tell but either way it's good to see DC making an effort to further develop this character. His potential is ... well, amazing.


samax said...

thank God for Kevin! hope he is able to get more done with this character!

BLESSD1 said...

I cosign your assessment of this character completely, and I applaud Kevin's further development of him!