Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hammerman was a Saturday Morning cartoon that chronicled the super hero adventure stories of Stanley Burrell (The real name of MC Hammer) who used his magic shoes to turn into Hammerman and fight bad guys. The show debuted on ABC in the fall of 1991 and ran for one season (12 episodes). This was at a time when MC Hammer was at the height of his career, the same year he released Too Legit to Quit.

What powers did Hammerman have? That was never made clear. He could rap, dance, and walk up walls but the powers came from the shoes and they would ultimately do some kind of unpredictable magic to save the day. All he had to do was dance in them.

This cartoon was terrible on many levels. The art and animation was bad. The whole thing seemed to be made from bad graffiti. The music wasn't any better, and the story was worse. It was kind of preachy too. I was a big fan of MC Hammer at the time and this was a big let down. I really tried to watch it but could only bring myself to check out a couple of episodes. The network was apparently quite aware of how bad this cartoon was but managed to let all the episodes run before axing the show. It was killed the same year it started. MC Hammer may have gotten an action figure but Hammerman never did.

How did Stanley Burrell become Hammerman? Check out the origin video for yourself.


Eyesofphases said...

Wow, I forgot about this show, now it reminds me of the Kid and Play show.

Marcus McElhaney said...

magical talking shoes. What?

BLESSD1 said...

I remember this show being pretty horrible too. It is definitely not one that I've been perusing eBay for on dvd. LOL

Mauricem said...

Great flash back. I know Hammer's heart was in the right place since it presented positive role-models and messages, but it was just awful. This was also around the time MC Hammer was making a cartoon of himself in real-life, so his popularity was already on a downward slide. I'm sure this show didn't help.