Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remember That Kiss?

The Justice League animated series was probably one of the best animated series ever, especially when it became Justice League Unlimited. It was the first time some Black Superhero characters such as Vixen, Mr. Terrific, and John Stewart made it to the small screen. One of the most memorable scenes for me wan when Green Lantern and Hawkgirl kissed onscreen. It was the first time they unmasked Hawkgirl in the series. I was amazed. They actually let an interracial couple kiss on screen on a cartoon watched by millions. It was a suprisingly intimate scene and was one of those 'anything is possible now' moments for me. The two characters had been flirting for most of the season but to see something actually come of it was amazing. They even created a character that was their son in a possible future, Rex Stewart, Warhawk. Anyway, here are some scenes leading up to and including that fateful scene. Do you remember it?


Anonymous said...

I remember it. Honestly, it turned me off John Stewart and the entire JL series for a while. It played to stereotype of black man leaving black woman for white woman.

I think Vixen was already in a relationship with Stewart. Vixen suspected there was something between Stewart and Hawkgirl.

Marcus McElhaney said...

I have to point out that I remember the events of the series very well. John wasn't with Vixen until Justice League Unlimited hit. He was with Hawkgirl before the end of the first series when Thanagar tried to take over earth and Hawkgirl, eventually sided with earth, but her loyalties were divided and John was with Vixen during the time Hawkgirl was out of the League. It was later that John was torn between the two of them.

Empath said...

Yea Marcus That is how I remember it as well. Things got even more complicated between them after he had gone to the future and learnt that he and Hawk-Girl had a child.

Urban Mac User said...

JL as a series really beefed up Stewart's profile: before in the comics he was really Sh!TTED UPON BY DC.

Starcrossed-It was a helluva a pay off for the second season, and the future revelation about WarHawk was ...WOW!

I'm extemely thankfully I got to live long enough
to see all may favorites get Animated.
And I still love Black Vulcan ( from the old Super Friends), I even just got the action figure at Target
in the new JLU 3 pk:


jamesgatsby said...

I have to state something that should be kind of obvious:

Anonymous, Hawkgirl(in this incarnation) is not a "white woman". She isn't even human. So it was interracial -- it was inter-species, and as such -- it wasn't the first. Lois Lane & Superman would be the first.

wallruss said...

In the strictest sense, you're right @jamesgatsby but in order for her to have a kid with a human she'd have to be pretty close to human genetically. My point was more that kids who watch this would likely gloss over the alien part. Besides, alien or not, it was controversial.

BLESSD1 said...

I remember it and being amazed that DC was actually progressive enought to let the interracial kiss happen. And the stories that resulted afterwards were great b/c they kind of negated any taboo that could come about as a result of their interracial relationship. It was treated like any regular relationship. Kudos