Friday, February 19, 2010

At The 'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' LA Premiere

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' LA Premiere and I have to say I enjoyed it. The movie looked great, had a good story as well as plenty of compelling action, and quite a few easter eggs. There were some notable changes in the voice actors from what I have come to expect but it all worked out well. One of the fun things for me to do during the film was to try to figure out who everyone was as many of the characters on the alternate earth were very different from their hero counterparts. Wait till you see Uncle Marvel! The whole thing exceeded my expectations. I want to tell you all about why I liked it but I don't want to spoil it for you. Oh, while we got to see the actual movie, we did not get to see any of the DVD extras like the Showcase of the Spectre or First Look at upcoming DC Universe movies. I guess we'll all need to get the DVD for that.

Afterwards, there was some on-stage Q&A from some of the people involved in the making of the film. My view was quite good because we arrived at the last moment just as they opened up a row near the front. Despite the frequent raising of my hand, I never got picked to ask questions but luckily many of them got answered anyway. The panel was interesting and we got to hear a lot about their history in the business.

Gina Torres, who voiced Superwoman in the film, is quite beautiful in person and amazingly thin. Whoever her trainer is needs to get a raise. I have to confess I was watching her more than everyone else on the panel. Josh Keaton voiced the Flash. You might also remember him from voicing Spider-Man and too many other video game characters to name. I wish I had his job. One of the big surprises for me was that Vanessa Marshall, who did the voice of Wonder Woman in this film. Apparently she used to do the voice of the little Black kid, Irwin, on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It was a little freaky hearing that voice come out of her mouth. She was really nice and seemed to feel sorry for me when I was constantly overlooked for the Q&A.

After the Q&A I got to shake hands with Dwayne McDuffie and express my admiration for his work and was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he reads this blog. I even got to talk to him briefly about Ben 10. It was a good time. I don't live in Hollywood or even close by but it was well worth the nearly hour and a half drive through traffic.

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BLESSD1 said...

So you got to meet Dwayne McDuffie AND Gina Torres? How cool is that? :-)